Find feature in rich text

Does this feature work when editing html in a rich text widget? I seem to be having trouble with it, it either comes up with no results or tells me there are no results, I have been forced to use my find in the browser, which finds everything on the page and in the widget. Thanks.


The find feature only works when in standard view, not when in edit HTML mode. This would be a useful feature down the road, but for now using your browser’s find feature is one option; another thing you can do is copy out all of the HTML and paste it into a text editor (or better yet, a program such as Notepad++) and use Ctrl+F to find what you’re looking for – then paste it back into the Rich Text editor when you’re done. This might be your best bet if you’re working with blocks of code large enough to require the find feature.


Thanks Nathaniel. Using an external application might make it the easiest, then I can use find and replace. Thanks for that idea.