Finder Cache Performance

This would probably be my absolute top priority request to date. This issue is causing us a huge headache.

With the way the Finder works currently, when it hits our “Schools” folder under Sites, it takes 30 + seconds to load its folder contents. For some reason or another, I’m thinking it is loading/caching all children folders of our “Schools” folder, instead of just loading/caching the immediate/direct children of the folder, which could be causing the slowness. In addition, since the Finder limits showing only 100 max items within a folder, it then takes an additional 30 + seconds to see any of the items that fall above the 100 item limit.

To me, the way the Finder’s current slow performance is a bug as it was not built to handle folders with a large amount of content. This has been exceedingly frustration for us as we were well assured by Percussion employees prior to purchasing CM1 that it could easily handle our organization’s size and scale and how we would be using the CM1 system.

I think it could possibly be improved by using a “load on demand” method of only showing direct children items in the folder when a folder is clicked on.

For example:

Say we have this structure SItes/Folder/ChildFolder/GrandChildFolder

If I click on "Folder"in the Finder, then the only contents it should attempt to load/cache would be "ChildFolder"and any pages directly under “Folder”. Then if I click on “ChildFolder” it should again only load the “GrandChildFolder” and any pages directly under “ChildFolder”.

The performance of the Finder has been significantly improved in 4.2

I agree!

One huge performance improvement to the finder would be to only re-fetch the finder content if necessary. It seems that most of my day is spent waiting for the finder to load regardless of what action I’ve taken. Many of the steps that a user performs don’t require reloading the finder but one has to sit there and wait none the less.