Finder folders limited to only showing 100 items at a time?

I just realized that folders in the Finder seem limited to only showing up to 100 items at a time…if there’s more than 100 it shows a “>>” icon that one has to click to see the rest of the items. I wouldn’t mind this but due to the way the Finder works, since our folder that has more than 100 items the Finder first takes more than 30 seconds to show the folder’s first 100 items, AND then takes yet another 30 seconds to show the final 5 times of the 105 items in the folder.

I’m sure you would agree that this is poor performance.

In addition, the “>>” does not give a loading graphic or any indicator that clicking it actually does anything until the 30+ seconds are up and it finally shows the last 5 items in the folder.

Please tell me you can provide me a work around to have the Finder show more than 100 items…

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