Firefox 4 issues with psessionid and javascript

In FF 4, after logging into the content explorer, the applet doesn’t load the majority of times. There is a javascript error that says:

“Error: pssessionid is not defined
Source File: https://RHYTHMYXSERVER:PORT/Rhythmyx/sys_resources/js/browser.js
Line: 430”

ln 430, change
if(pssessionid == undefined || pssessionid.length == 0)


if(typeof(pssessionid) == ‘undefined’ || pssessionid.length == 0)

That resolves the issue. However, note that sys_resources is commonly affected by patches and upgrades. I will file this issue with Percussion TS and report back the bug number if one is assigned.

Please note the standard disclaimer of “while this works for us, you may have other unintended results and we are not responsible for things that may or may not happen…”

We have merged this issue into the thread at

Please keep an eye on it at that location. I will now close this thread.