Firefox Debug Extension

If you use Firefox to debug Rhythmyx templates, try this simple extension.

Due to the limitations of VBulletin, it’s a zip file, you’ll have to download it and unzip it. Open the resulting .xpi file with Firefox and it should prompt you to install.


Here’s an alternative if you use IE, or want to add a button to your firefox toolbar to do the same thing…

  1. Create a bookmark that’s on your toolbar (in IE or Firefox).
  2. Go to the properties of the bookmark and change the URL to the following:

javascript:var u=location.href;if (u.indexOf(‘/Rhythmyx/assembler/render’) != -1) { var newURL = u.replace(‘/Rhythmyx/assembler/render’,‘/Rhythmyx/assembler/debug’); window.location = newURL;} else { alert(‘This URL is not a Rhythmyx assembly URL’);}

Note that this is all on one line.

Hope this is of use to someone/anyone!