First full publish taking a very long time.

We’re migrating our website, and we just ran our first full publish. It’s been running for 17 hours and is still running this morning. Folder structure is being updated on the server, so the publish has not totally halted. But the updates are very, very slow, with a new folder arriving every 10-20 minutes. We only have the Assets folder so far, with perhaps 150 folders total inside, and no static content or files that I can see. Is this time frame unusual for a first full publish, or do I need to be looking at our publishing setup for incorrect settings, etc.? Thanks!

In addition, the publishing report shows 0% completed:

Hello Joseph,

17 hours seems too long, unless you have a site full of large files and/or a very slow internet connection between your Percussion server and your web server.

We will create a support ticket for this to see if there are any errors with the Percussion application.


FYI: The report will show 0% until the last few minutes as it’s cleaning up.

Make sure you have ample space on the C: drive. We installed CM1 on the D: drive but when you do a full site pub it writes to the C: then moves it to whichever server you are publishing to.
17 hours is quite a long time. We have over 40k files and our longest ever was about 7 hours. We did have issues that caused it to take much longer, but every successful fsb has been under 7 hours.

Just an update on this issue - this was a new setup for Publishing.  It seems the issue was with some network/firewall settings.  CM1 uses passive ftp, and although port 21 was open, the passive ports were not.  This document might help with users with similar issues.