Folder property uneditable

Good afternoon

We are trying to limit user access to certain folders by their Role, but when I go to edit certain folders, the property values are greyed out. We are using Rx 5.6. I saw this post:, but i did not see any resolution. The values in our PSX_OBJECTACL table look correct. Any thoughts on why certain folders would be greyed out, and not others?



First check that the folder has been set to ‘all communities’. If not, you will need to be in the correct community (and probably in the Admin role too) to access the properties.

Secondly, in the Server Administrator under the Monitor tab, put " flush foldercache" in the command line box and hit execute. This should clear any read-only folder permissions, assuming you have the ACL’s set correctly.

In order to edit the properties/ACL of a folder the user must have the Admin privilege for the folder or the user must be a member of a role that has RxServerAdmin privileges.