folder was created outside of their workflow

I found a serious flaw bug.

When I created a “Instructor Workflow”, I expected users such as Jan Doe not able to create a page or edit a page or create a folder in different workflow beside “Instructor Workflow” which worked well as expected except however Jan Doe was able to create a folder by accident outside of her workflow folder in both Sites and Assets anywhere she wanted to. I thought it was setup to prevent from other doing that.

Took me a while to find where Jan Doe created that folder.

Check her roles and make sure they are not in other workflows.

It’s not the role issue. It’s the folder issue.

According to Percussion admin, users can *create* a folder outside of their workflow role. I strongly disagreed because it will clutter the directory. I had to clean up few times. There is NO way to find out who created that folder.

This is why we need logs.

Just wanted to provide an update: we have filed an improvement with our engineering department and are actively follow all of your votes and comments.