force check-in question

Rx 5.71

I want to allow certain users access to force check-in but can’t quite see where to associate a role with this action menu item. It doesn’t seem to show up in the workbench Action menu items for workflow.

Any help gratefully received.

This is limited to the “Administrator” of the workflow. If you look at the Workflow Tab, when you select a workflow, you will see this value.

If you put a Role Name in this field, all members of the role will have rights to perform admin functions (including Force Checkin).

Thanks for that

So only one role can have access to the force check-in per workflow? Or is there a way to have this include multiple roles? Will there be any changes made to this for 6.6.

It would be very useful if the Force check-in role could be detached from the Workflow owner like many other Action Menu commands are already. We would want to have Admin as the Workflow owner but allow Web Editors to Force check-in as well. Is this going to be addressed in 6.6?

Version 6.6 has already been released. This functionality was not included.

You might want to post your request to the Ideas and Features Discussion forum for consideration in future releases.


I agree with these posts - an option to allow any role to force check-in for a workflow is useful. We’re working on a workflow with two “quasi-admin” roles that should be able to force check-in, but we don’t want to add them to the admin role.