Form Error

I’m trying to collect information using a form, and I get an error message if I the text area is filled out with good bit of text (I just tried filling out a form that has two text areas, and I filled them in with paragraphs that have 1,500 characters each - this seems to cause the error. I have max characters set to 10,000). Has anyone seen this before?

If it’s any help, this is the URL the browser is directed to upon getting the error:…


I have been testing this, and it appears you have uncovered what might be a recent bug where an input containing 256 or more characters (including spaces) in any form field will not get written to your DTS database (while all other fields still do get written), and the page will redirect to the error page configured for that particular form asset. I have filed this as in issue in our internal bug tracking system. I will update you as soon as I have more insight into this issue, and I will certainly let you know if we come up with a solution / workaround in the meantime.