Form Widget that e-mails form data

It would be great if we could add an e-mail form data functionality to the Forms Widget along with Save Form Data to Local Server and URL. Users would love to be able to manage their Form Data both from the Dashboard (Forms Tracker Gadget) and also get an e-mail of the .csv file for real time review.

Is it not possible to have form sent via email? Currently this is the way that my clients contact form works, what is a work around for this so that comments can be sent via email? Thanks.

Currently, to email out you need a form processing page on the front end. You can use any server side code to process this and, since there is already one available, you might be able to reuse that. It all depends on how the form looks. On for the form widget you can edit the Meta-data at the bottom and choose to submit to an action page, as opposed to submitting into CM1.

Thanks Daved. When you say there is one available, you mean specifically for the project or in CM1? I didn’t see one specific to my project, but I might be a bit confused… Choosing to submit to an action page, would be choosing url and pasting in the url to the server side code?

Daved, I think I found my missing php code! Will let you know if I have more questions, might be able to figure it out now.