Freezed Publishing

Publishing start with a number of items queued and those items doesn’t go to delivery thus freezing the publishing. All items other than these queued up and then moved to “prepare for delivery” quickly. Please help as I am not able to find out those items as there is no way to get queued items. This way publishing is not getting finished and I have to cancel it manually every time. Help me out please.


Are you Publishing to a local file system or using FTP?

Do you see any errors in the server console or in server.log or console.log?



Thanks for response. I am publishing on local file system and there is no error in server console or logs except the one below. This error is appearing in server.log, alongwith some of items already queued, when the publishing edition gets started .

2011-01-24 21:14:45,439 ERROR [] Error when open JMS connection or send message
javax.jms.MessageFormatException: Object cannot be serialized
at$_b.o00000(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at com.percussion.rx.publisher.impl.PSPublishingJob.processContentList(Unknown Source)
at com.percussion.rx.publisher.impl.PSPublishingJob.queueWorkItems(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

Please note I have some more sites in the same Rx (6.7) installation having different community/locale which are publishing successfully and not giving the above error.

Awaiting reply… Thanks.

If you can reproduce this problem, please contact percussion tech support to look for a possible solution of this issue.

We got an exact same issue … but not the same error in the log. We’re running 6.7
It is possible that items that are queued are the culprits with the issues.
Is there a way to identify which items are left in Queued?

Just saw another postdiscussing this, basically saying no, you can not see items that are queued.


A way identify the items ‘stuck’ in Queued state . . .

“If the item has been prepared for delivery, then you can find it in PSX_PUBLICATION_DOC based on the STATUS_ID which corresponds to the edition job id” (quote from another post).

This will give you list of ‘ok’ items minus the Queued ones.

You can also preview the content list/s contained in the edition that stalls.

This gives you full list of items that need to go out.

I’ve used excel to extract the content ids from the content lists and then compare them to the results from the PSX_PUBLICATION_DOC.

Discrepancy is the items in Queued state.

Hope it helps.