Hi It’s me again,
I would like to know if in the publish section of CM1 under the field “FTP Server IP Address:” we can add a DNS instead of the IP? If so I am having trouble with what exactly to type and if not can we put this in as an idea? Our servers Switch IPs every 6 month or so as we upgrade different parts of our server room and change our setup. However, our DNS doesn’t change. So the Server will always be named the same but the IP address will change. It is common for the IT OPS team to not communicate their changes to the development side of the house. Just thought I would pass along my question and experience.

Hi Ryan,

Sure, you can use the hostname / domain name of the destination Web Server instead of its IP address. That’s a fairly common practice. Just ensure that your firewall rules allow for communication between the CM1 server and your web server over the hostname specified (this may be tricky to maintain, as most firewall rules are based on IP addresses).

I will test it with ftp://server.domain/folder/ and see if it works out. Thanks Nathaniel!