FTP Publishing Help on 6.5

Hey there,

I’m trying to get FTP publishing rolling, but with no luck. I read the documentation (Setting_Up_the_Production_Environemt_Version_6_5.pdf - Page 88), but it’s not publishing.

In the site configuration, when I leave the Publishing Root Location blank there is a fatal error when I run the Publishing Edition. When I enter a value in the Publishing Root Location the files are just placed on the Rhythmyx server instead of being FTP’d to the web server. Also, it appears a connection to the FTP server is never even attempted by the Rhythmyx server. I’m missing something here, probably obvious too, but I could use some help at this point please.

Here is my site configuration:
Site(id): (335)
*Site Name: user_jdoe6
Description: Jon Doe6’s user site.
Site Address (URL): http://webdev/~jdoe6/
Home Page (URL): http://wcmdev:9992/Rhythmyx/assembler/render?sys_revision=1&sys_siteid=335&sys_itemfilter=preview&sys_template=543&sys_contentid=1136&sys_folderid=1135&sys_context=0
Publishing Root Location: blank
*Publisher: Localhost Publisher Default Port
Status: Active
Folder Root: //Sites/user_jdoe6
Global Template: My_Template_001
Nav Theme: blank
Allowed Namespaces: blank
FTP Information:
IP Address: IP of the FTP server
Port Number: 21
User ID: username
Password: password

Thanks for taking a look!

What’s the “Delivery Type” in the content list? if it’s “filesystem”, then it will publish on the local system. If the delivery type is “ftp” it will publish over FTP.

What happens when you preview the content list? The delivery type will be in the header of the XML document.


Perfect! Thank you. Made the change and it published using FTP just fine.

Thanks again!