Full Site Publish not updating website

I created a shared widget for my footer on the website and have dropped it into each template page. I went and published the full site and after it completed I went to the website and my footer is not showing up at all. I cleared my cache and tried to view it again and still no footer.

I then went into Percussion and checked a page and the footer showed like it should. I then published again, cleared my cache and tried to view the page and still no footer.

What’s causing it not to publish?

Hey Matt,

Because this is appearing as expected in Preview, that indicates that this might be a simple workflow issue. Can you find this footer asset in your Assets library and make sure that it is in either the Pending or Live workflow state before publishing?


It appeared to be in draft mode. I don’t know why it didn’t get published.

Ah, that explains it. Pages or assets in Draft won’t be published out on a full site publish. Is everything appearing as expected now?

I didn’t change it just yet in case you wanted some other testing done. I just changed it and started my publish. I will let you know in an hour when it finished.

Oh okay, let me know how things looks once the publish completes.