Gadget to modify pages and assets status

It would be extremely useful to have a gadget that allowed admins to modify the state of pages and assets with the ability to also do many at once. Currently, we can use the bulk upload gadget to add a bunch of assets into the system and as Admins we can set them to approved state. However, if a non-admin does this, we have to go through and review each item individually.

It would improve usability and efficiency if, as Admins, we had a gadget that would allow us to check off boxes next to a bunch of pages or assets and set the status to the bunch of them at one time.

This would be a great feature - see my question / situation: “Locked Page”

If an Admin could approve everything in a section / folder, my question would have a very simple fix / solution.

I would imagine this would also take care of the idea you had of showing all pages locked by users. Instead of a gadget dedicated to just that, it could be wrapped in the pages by status or in a gadget like the one I brought up here.

Or better yet, merge it all into one so you can modify the status of a page from the Pages by Status. :slight_smile:

In our next release we have a Bulk Approval gadget planned for approving multiple pages. It will be an enhancement to the existing Pages by Status gadget. It will allow the user to select a set of pages and approve them en masse. Any assets being used by the page will be approved in the process. Of course, this will respect system security so users must have permission to approve the pages and assets they are trying to approve, and they will receive feedback letting them know if they attempt to approve something they cannot.