Generic Preview Errors

Gentleman, I am at a standstill. This error happened all of a sudden without me doing any major changes

When I am previewing the Content Item WITHOUT any #fields (no velocity, just plain HTML), I get this error

FATAL exception raised: ‘this.treeModel.getRootNode().objId’ is null or not an object

When preveiwing the Content Item WITH velocity code, I get this error

FATAL exception raised: An assert statement failed.
The method dojo.lang.assert() was called with a ‘false’ value.
Here’s the assert message:
Cannot find parent node for field node: id = [“3”,“1039”,“697”,“0”,null,“0”,“0”,“388”,“1”,null,null,“StateName”,null,“StateName:”,null]

When attaching a global template, I get this error

Problem during the assembly of item
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Parameters passed
Name Value
sys_revision 1
sys_contentid 1039
parentPage yes
sys_context 0
sys_authtype 0
sys_variantid 697
sys_command editrc

Error reported

I know those errors have been separately discussed in the past but there was no resolution provided

Is that a bug in a system?

An update

I managed to get rid of the ‘FATAL exception raised: An assert statement failed. FATAL exception raised: An assert statement failed.’ error by
switching all #filed(“fieldname”) velocity code into ‘#set($fieldname = $sys.item.getProperty(“rx:fieldname”).String)’

Now I get only this error ‘FATAL exception raised: ‘this.treeModel.getRootNode().objId’ is null or not an object’

Found the casue of an error

The error/erros were caused by bunch of automated slots that I used as navigation links

Now I will look for the workaround

FInally…fixed it

Today something happened to one of the Cntent Types and it got self-destroyed. All Content Types also, as a result, disappeared. It was there but couldn’t open it, the message was ‘The Content Type doesn’t exist’

I took ne a while to get rid of it. I had create a brand new Content Type

As a result, all slots pointing to that content type were no longer valid, but what was the most frustrating that snippets somehow kept the old ID’s of old Content Items. I have no idea why. I deleted snippets and created new ones. Everything works fine

What a frustration

You can also get this message in the workbench if a content type fails to start. You would still see it in the workbench but would be unable to open it. If you open Server Administrator and go under the status tab it will show you what applications are started and which are not. Sometimes this can happen if you are adding and removing fields and when prompted tell it to remove the field but not the data.

Just something to keep in mind going forward.