Get contentids of slot items?

Is it possible to get the contentID(s) of the items in a slot in the bindings area?

Is using ‘$sys.asm.findSlotByName(“Slot_Name”)’ going the right way for getting it?


Use the $user.PSOSlotTools.getSlotContents() method in the PSO Toolkit. This will return a List of items, and you can get the sys_contentid property from each item.

Thanks! Can you point me at any documentation for its usage?

The formal documentation is in the PSOToolkit Javadoc.

If you have installed the PSOToolkit properly on the server, go to:


However, you will probably find the answer in this thread (or one like it):


Here’s an example from the bindings one of our templates - just to give you something to cut and paste :wink:

We get two fields from the slot item: displaytitle and webinar_description. You could change the field name to “rx:sys_contentid” to get the content ID.

Variable               Binding
$slotparams.template     "mwWebinar_EmailHTML"
$parent_webinar       $user.psoSlotTools.getSlotContents($sys.assemblyItem,"mwWebinarSlot", $slotparams).get(0).getNode()
$webinar_title       if ($parent_webinar == ""){"";}  else {$parent_webinar.getProperty("rx:displaytitle").String;}
$webinar_description   if ($parent_webinar == ""){"";}  else {$parent_webinar.getProperty("rx:webinar_description").String;}