Getting a few errors in Firebug that I can't track down

I’ve been trying to figure out why my SlideShowPro is not working on any of my pages. Upon looking at my Firebug code, I noticed that I had some errors showing up in the console. A majority of the errors, I have found and fixed. I’m getting two though that I don’t have anywhere in my code. They appear to be Percussion items.

  1. “NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error -…” - I’ve looked and I have not included this anywhere in the individual page or template.

  2. SyntaxError: syntax error


perc_common_ui.js (line 19, col 60)


References to perc_region.css - and the CSS file itself - are generated by the system. Do you recall if you manually deleted this file at one point? At any rate, I take it you haven’t been relying on any of these rules in this CSS file, and this shouldn’t affect your JavaScript.

As for your scripting error (which is far more likely to be the cause of your issues), can you tell me what other widgets you have on this page, and if there are any widgets without any content? I ask because there is a known bug with this JS file which can be triggered by the right (or wrong) combination of empty widgets. That being the case, a good test would be to attempt to implement this jQuery plugin within a blank template to see if you encounter the same issues.

Any reason why the system would generate the CSS file and add CSS rules that mess with our layout? No changes have been made to any of our templates recently, and yet the /themes/boatus/per/perc_region.css just appeared this morning (at least was last modified this morning), with rules that mess with our layout.

For example, our container is 960px, and our content id is 790px. The newly generated code in that file overrules with :

#container.perc-region #content.perc-region {
width: 550px;

Is it safe to remove this code and/or file, and how do I prevent it from creating the file and rules in the future?

Thanks for any help.

This is a useful topic and would be easier for future customers to locate if it was it’s own thread. Please reference the new topic here: Where is perc_region.css coming from?