Getting content out of a slot

I am trying to get the system title of of an item in a slot. I’m trying to do this in a binding. The code I’m using (which doesn’t work) is:


There error I’m recieving is:

For input string: “node”

Has anyone had success doing this in a binding?

Hi Tim

Doesn’t getSlotContents return a list of nodes?

Id be more inclined to this:

$slotcontent = $user.psoSlotTools.getSlotContents($sys.assemblyIt em,"slotName",$params)
$slotitem = $slotcontent[0].getProperty("rx:sys_title").String

or try

$slotitem = $slotcontent[0].node.getProperty("rx:sys_title").String


Thank you.


worked great.

What if you add additional item in your slot?

$slotitem = $slotcontent[0].node.getProperty("rx:sys_title").String

Will only give you first node - read array.

I hope this post would be useful in case that you have to pull data from array of slot items and generate rows for the same variable $slotitem

See here: