Getting Existing Content onto New Development Server

We’ve been building our site since January on a “test” development server. We are in the process of finalizing our new permanent development server. What is the best method for getting all of our work from the old development server to the new one?

What kind of work is it that you’re trying to move?

The CM1 server is itself sort of a “test” server for your Web sites as it is decoupled from your actual production Web server that serves content to your visitors. For example, you can built a test site in CM1 and then just never publish it, or publish it only to a staging server to see how it looks. Then when ready, you just use copy function to copy templates and create a new site (the “real” site) alongside of it in the same CM1 server. Then you publish the real site to your live Web server. Because of this built in ability to test and develop along side the production sites, we haven’t exposed any formal tools for having multiple CM1 servers and porting test/dev sites between them.

Having said all this, there are some things you could do, but we’d need to know more to make a better suggestion on how to proceed.

Thank you for the response. I thnk we are dealing with a case of my ignorance on how the system works.

We originally installed CM1 on a virtual server in October but this was always supposed to be a temporary location. We have built our templates and content on this temporary development server.

I now (as of yesterday) have 2 new virtual machines (running Windows 2008 r2 if that makes a difference) one for development/staging and one for production. What is the best way for me to get all of our work from the old development virtual machine onto our new development virtual machine? The plan is once we get the content transferred, we will remove the old development vs.