Getting PSMissingBeanConfigurationException in extension

We have written an IPSWorkflowAction extension that, in order to support simultaneous actions, does its work in a Spring bean that is loaded by the extension. On Friday, this bean was loading and working properly. We came in today and it is no longer working. When we attempt to load the bean, we get a PSMissingBeanConfigurationException. No changes were made to either the code or the config files between then and now.

The xml file for the bean is in <RHYTHMYXBASE>\AppServer\server\rx\deploy\rxapp.ear\rxapp.war\WEB-INF\config\user\spring. The jar containing the extensions and the bean is in WEB-INF\lib, and all extensions in that jar run. The jar does contain the bean. Everything in the config file reflects the properly cased names of the bean and its properties.

Every time we modify the jar or the config files, we restart the Percussion service. We’re running on Windows Server 2008.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Never mind, I found the problem. Another bean was failing to load at server startup due to an error in its config file, and this caused all subsequent beans to fail to load.