Global Variables & the Dashboard Permissions to Edit

When a person utlizes the Global Variables Gadget – is it true that only they can alter the actual variables set here?

Or would those that have permission to the site section?

Or is this based some how upon the workflow?

I have one default workflow for all of the websites. I notice when I do training that others dashboards display the License and Forms Tracker Gadget and want to be sure that the global variables they create for the site cannot be altered by another – or how does this work?

Note: The server team has scheduled the update to 3.1 in August but I had questions in advance.

Global Variables are truly global. Anyone who has the Global Variables gadget on their dashboard is going to see and have the ability to edit the same set of variables. The global variables are not affected by workflow. Changing a global variable will not change the status of a page that is using a global variable. Once a global variable value is modified, you will need to perform a full publish to ensure that all pages using the global variable are updated.

Is there no method by which the Administrator can be the only one to add/change these global variables - but Editors/Contributors may use them?

My concern is that a change is made to someone else’s variable > is not noticed > but then is published.

Not at this time. Currently all users can add and edit global variables and can include in a rich text asset.