Google Analytics code automatically showing

We have a problem with our Google Analytics. There is a conflict with multiple pieces of Google Analytics code that is causing incorrect metrics. So I deleted all of the Google Analytics code in the template and inserted only one, the “good” Google Analytics code. I’ve made many publishes and do not understand how this bit of code is still in the tag!

It is NOT in the additional code section in the Percussion template. Where is this coming from and how do I get rid of it? Here is a specific page I’m working on that you can see what I’m talking about in the source code (I’ve labeled the code I can control/see “good Google Analytics code”):…

Thank you!

Sarah, If you’ve set up Google Analytics on the Percussion Dashboard, then the GA code is automatically inserted in every page in the site. Open the Google Setup gadget on the dashboard to confirm that you’ve connected to your GA account. I need to look into how you disconnect the Google account once it has been connected. For now, you know that’s how the code is getting in there.   

That explains it! So now that I’m aware of where the code is coming from, is there a smooth way to transition one person’s account (with username/password) to obtain an updated automatic code that would generate to every page in Percussion? I believe this would all be connected to the same ‘overall’ Google Analytics account for our company. I wouldn’t want to disrupt anything Google SEO or Analytics related.

We researched this and found a bug in the UI where you cannot disconnect a GA account once it has been established. We will put this bug into our backlog.

Thanks! We found out what was happening on our end and we will not need to disconnect after all :slight_smile: But glad a bug has been found in the process!

Still can’t seem to disconnect the GA settings on the dashboard…how am I supposed to get rid of it? there’s no “disconnect” or similar…

Paul, We are working on the ability to clear the GA settings on the dashboard. however, if you no longer want to insert the GA tags in the head of your pages, in the section “Select a Google profile for each site” simply change the setting for your site back to “Select Google Analytics Profile”. At your next full publish this will generate the page without the GA tags.  

Thanks, will do.