greek character (δ) breaking ephox

For some reason this character is causing ephox to error - does anyone know how to get ephox to allow it?

Thanks in advance

Are you getting an error on insert? Is it a SAX parser error could you attach a screenshot of the error you are getting?

See error attached

This error is because the field width that is specified on the content editor defines the field size in the database in bytes. This character you are adding is a utf-8 character that is actually represented by more than 1 byte. so if your field size if 50 characters and you type in 50 characters, but one of them is this greek character when you save the data is too large for the field. This is difficult to get around without increasing the field size to handle the extra size requirements, each utf-8 characters can be up to 4 or 5 bytes I think. what you can do is make the field larger but set the size parameter of the sys_EditBox parameter to the real lower size so a user cannot type into the field any more than this, and also add validation for the size you want.

Thanks for that - i didnt think to try that as i kept breaking it into chunks and some worked - i have changed the storage size to ‘max’ and its now updating.