Guide your users through a tour of your updated CM1

For each Percussion updated version, I think it would be useful to have Step-by-step guide and feature introduction.


As an Admin , when I go to Navigation page, the guide tour will appear and inform me the new Canonical Links.

As an non-Admin , when I go to Home page, the guide tour will appear and inform them of new feature that they may not be aware of and can be very useful to them.

Few suggestions:

  • It doesn’t have to show all features at once. Just show features on each page, even in Editing Template page or Custom Widget page.
  • Or, like WordPress new features on Dashboard, you can create a new dashboard gadget call “New Features” or “What’s new in Percussion 4.5a” and provide videos, images, etc.

I can always have checkbox that show “Do not show me again” or have a button somewhere beside “Save or Approve” that show “Start Tour”.

Here’s an demo of what I mean:


The in-product tutorial is a feature that has been on our internal feature list for a while.  It is a good idea.