"Hard-coded" link to specific content item


I have a requirement to add a link to a specific content item to every instance of a content type. I don’t want to hard-code it into the template because that pains my finely-tuned Content Management sensibilties!

Can anyone suggest a best-practice for doing this?



…I remember that feeling. Thankfully I’ve learnt to block out such sensibilities, which makes the process a bit less painful.

On our 6.5.2 system we do that sort of thing by adding a slot to the NavTree, then write a snippet template that retrieves the item added to that slot, which is called via the rffNav slot from the global template. I’d post the code for in the templates, but it probably won’t work on earlier versions (your profile says you are on 5.71.)


Thanks Andrew.
I’m 100% certain your code wouldn’t work. I’m all up for some XSL hideousity anyway.

How did you access the items in the new slot you created on the NavTree?

figured it out. I end up using Node_slot (unlike me make sure to move the nav tree item to public state, before previwing the page. otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time!)