Having a impact analysis tool in Workbench

We would find it useful to have a tool which mimics the behaviour of the impact analysis tool, but in the workbench. This could then show what slots, tmeplates, content types, etc were all related to one element.

I’m not clear exactly what you are looking for. Could you give an example?
Currently, the WB does show relationships between design objects, but not between design objects and items.

It would be good to have an interface where you could select any item, e.g. click on a content type and be able to see all slots, templates, communities, etc. associated with that content type.

An example of this type of thing would be a tool that would allow you to trace back from a particular slot, to the page template(s) that use the slot. At the moment, you can only see what snippet templates are available to display items inside the slot. I’m currently reviewing snippet templates and slots, but I have no way to find out what contexts they are used in, other than opening every page template to see if it uses the slot I’m currently reviewing.

(I realise this would require the correct assignment of slots to each page template that use them, which is the opposite of just associating all possible slots for a content type in a single dispatch template. But then if we don’t have the feature to be able to trace back from slots to page templates, why bother - the benefits of consolidating all the slot-to-page-template relationships for a content type in one place, the dispatch template, outweigh the potential for such a feature possibly being introduced in some far-off future version of Rhythmyx. At least for us. Probably. I think. Maybe.)