Heap size error in Rhythmyx Server6.7

We are getting out of memory error in our LINUX environment on running some heavy processing Java extensions.

In order to increase the heap size, if we only update the JBoss run.conf file, is that enough or do we need to add the RhythmyxServer.ja file?

Is there any sample RhythmyxServer.ja file available that we can use as a template?


Rhythmyx 6.7 uses “Launch Anywhere”. The configuration parameters are in RhythmyxServer.lax. You can edit the JVM parameters to specify additional memory.

Thanks Dave for your prompt response…Is there any limitation or constraints we need to be worry about when setting the maximum heap size for Rhythmyx server. Again it is a LINUX box on which we are running the Rhythmyx server.

To the best of my knowledge the same restrictions on heap size apply to 6.7 like they did on previous versions. When the JVM max memory is set to anything higher than 1536MB, Rhythmyx server may not be stable or even refuse to start at all. I believe this limitation aplies to all platforms. The setting can be changed in <rx_root>\RhythmyxServer.lax under LAX.NL.JAVA.OPTION.ADDITIONAL where the -Xmx parameter is set.

Yes…I changed the max to 1024M…
Also looking at the lax file, I see the following value:



Java arguments

-Xms512m -Xmx1024m -Djava.endorsed.dirs=“AppServer/lib/endorsed”
-Djava.library.path=./bin -server -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m

My question is that why do we have RhythmyxServer.exe file for the program name, as this installation of Rhythmyx is on a LINUX box?


Also to add to it…I could not find RhythmyxServer.lax…I found RhythmyxServer.bin.lax in my LINUX env. Are they the same thing?


Since we are a Windows shop here, I’m going to take a chance and say that they are probably equivalent. EXE(Windows) and BIN(*nix) indicate that the file can typically be “executed” as a process. As for an “exe” on Linux - shouldn’t matter. Try taking any “executable” file in Linux and append “.exe” to it and it should still behave the same.