How can I include a shared asset (HTML type) on a new page? I have tried to drag it onto the page and onto the template

My shared asset exists on the homepage. It’s a stock quote ticker. I made a copy of the homepage, as well as a copy of the template (for practice) and when I try to include the shared asset onto my new page, CM1 won’t allow it. I get the red circle with the line through it. Any thoughts you have will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Robin,

The most common reason for this is when we try to add a an asset to a widget of a different type. Check the type of the asset and see if it matches the widget type on the page.

Please let us know if this helps!

Thank you! It works perfectly!

Good news! Thank you for the update.

The shared asset does appear on the page, but It’s taking up the entire page, covering other content on the page. I’m not able to drag it into my region of choice. I just don’t get the green stripe that allows me to place it in that region.

I’m just duplicating an existing page that is using that same asset, and I have the entire page built, except that I can’t get the shared asset in place.

Any thoughts?