How can I stop Ephox (editlive) from wrapping all content in a <P> tag?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered already but I can’t seem to find it so here goes…

How do we stop Percussion from wrapping everything in an EditLive box in a <P> tag? I just want the raw HTML to come back. Or changing the “P” to “DIV” would also be acceptable.

Any help is appreciated.


The wrapping is an Ephox configuration. Please see the Ephox documentation for details about modifying it.


I have a similar question, when I create a brief and use a snippet template to display that content, the output html is correct. Once I insert that item inline to another item using insert Rhythymx template, the html gets rewritten. An example is with creating html e-mails. Yahoo expects links to be in this format <a><span></span></a>. This looks correctly when the item is previewed by itself. When you insert that item inline, it becomes <span><a></a></span> due to TIDY. Can you prevent that from happening when inserted inline?