How do I assign a custom redirect (link) to track data from a public site to a marketing automation system?

In version 2.8, the named anchor feature would allow me to enter a custom redirect link to send click data to our Marketing automation system, Pardot, whenever a visitor clicked the associated asset (PDF in most instances). It was an additional field that allowed us to specifiy the Pardot link along with alt text. That function appears to be gone in 3.2. Do you have a recommendation other than to edit the source? Thank you

Hi Diane,

We have double-checked, and by default in the old Rich Text editor, the field below the URL field was simply an anchor tag drop down list, for linking to local anchor tags. Is there any chance that Mike or Ryan may have implemented a customization to implement this in the manner you describe?

At any rate, in order to determine a way to implement this currently, can you share with me the exact syntax of the code that you had been appending to these links? Thanks!

Hi Nathaniel,

Thank you for looking at this so quickly. A common link would be:

As far as I know, there was no customization to include an anchor tag drop-down. Then again . . .:slight_smile:

Please let me know if there is anything further you need.


I’m still not sure I understand exactly how this behaved in the past. Were you creating these bitly links prior to pasting them in (or were you possibly linking up to bitly’s API)? Were they replacing your normal links on your live server? I have confirmed there was never an input field below the URL field, so if there was anything there, it would have to have been some type of unsupported customization.

It’s likely it was a customization. Pardot, the marketing automation system, generates a long (Pardot specific -…) or short ( - Mashable

The idea is that one would enter the link in to CM1 against the asset to then measure clicks on the asset. Each time there is a click, Pardot updates the number and when we have information about the visitor (i.e., person exists in our system), we understand more about their interest/qualification. We were able to use the integration with the asset accordingly. I guess no one else is using this in the community with a similar marketing automation app (HubSpot, Marketo)? If so, perhaps they have a trick or tip/workaround for us?

Thank you

I’d hate to hijack this thread, but is this the only post on marketing automation?

It could very well be. I figured out how to do this if you’re interested