how do I delete a corrupted content item that is stuck in workflow?

I managed to corrupt a content item that is now stuck in a workflow state that does not allow purging. Even the workflow admin gets no workflow options to move it along.

How do I completely remove this item, equivalent to a purge?


Solved this one. We have occasionally had errors where you open a content item and every field is blank, which is what happened with this item. When that happens, the community field is reset to the community that comes first alphabetically. I had forgotten that, and was trying to delete the item from the community it was created in, as opposed to the community it acquired as a result of being wiped out.

Can you reliably reproduce the community assignment behavior or is it random? We’ve seen it happen, but we’re not able to reproduce it for Percussion TS.

This event was random. The previous time it happened, we could reproduce it, and it was due to deleting the only local field in a content type before adding a new local field. I believe that problem was fixed in a patch, so that now you can’t delete the last local field-you get a warning instead.