How do I get the google +1's to work on my pages?

I have added the code from google at… but nothing shows up. I know it says I need to place the javascript code as well, but it states you can place it anywhere on the page. I just placed in in the code of the rich text widget after the google plus one code.

When I added the asynchronous javascript by itself into the page, it works, but it’s on the side of the page, not in the location I wanted it.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Are there some best practices when using Google+1’s with Percussion?

FYI - I am about to do the same thing with Facebook, pinterest, etc. for my social media bar, so any relevant info for those would be appreciated also.


Try adding the JS code in the “additional code” area of the Meta-Data of the page instead of in the rich-text widget.

I tried that and it just inserts the code at the top left corner of the page. I need to display it in a widget, so I can choose where I display it. Do I need to create a class for this? or insert part of the code in the additional code section and part of it in the widget?

Use the ```


 instead of the ```<plusone></plusone>``` .The button should appear where ever you place this.   
 Enter the ```<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>``` . in the additional head content.   
 Also, place the asynchronous javascript after the end body tags. So place that code in the meta data.   
 Let me know if that works

I followed these instructions with no luck :frowning:

When I come out of the source code of the rich text widget, there is nothing there. Then when I go back into the code, it is completely empty.

Try this!
Insert this code (not this exact code but get the code source from you G+1 account)

(function() { <br />
  var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true; <br />
  po.src = ''; <br />
  var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); <br />
})(); <br /> </script>``` at the "Code insert before body close"   
place this ```

``` (not this exact code but get the code source from you G+1 account) where you would like the button to appear.   
I grabbed all this from [![](](

That is one of the variations I have tried. I just tried it again with the same result. The code disappears from the rich text widget immediately after I exit out of the code. Nothing is displayed in the widget.

Did you put in the &nbsp; in-between the div tags? If not, the rich text widget will erase it

The only way I’ve been able to display this so far is to put his code into the body close area. i found this towards the bottom of the page before the FAQ’s. I obviously replaced the example site with my own, and it worked. But it only appears at the top left corner of my page. I need to be able to insert it into a widget.

No I did not include that. I will try it.

Ok, that keeps it from disappearing, but now I don’t know where to place the url to +1. It shows a zero for plus one’s and the button doesn’t work. where would be the best place to add the href url? widget or java? and where within that?

I assume it would go within the div on the widget. maybe before the div close???

Do not use the <plusone></plusone> code use the div syntax isntead and add a &nbsp; in the middle like this &nbsp;

hello? did I lose you?

Ok, that works now. What about the facebook button.…

The Facebook button works too. It looks like the secret was the non breaking space before the div close.

Thanks Armani