How do I hide a page?

One of the pages on our site was not revetted and we need to remove it from the site. I don’t want to delete it, but simply hide it in case we need to use it again at a later time. What is the best method to hide it but retain all links for a future re-publish and at the same time hide it from all search.

Hi Raef,

If you go into edit mode on the page you can do Publish > Archive and this will remove it from the live site but leave it in Percussion.

Excellent. Just needed confirmation that this was the best way. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Do i need to do a full site publish to get that page to disappear from the live site?

You can do an Incremental Publish to save some time.

If it’s a navigation, you might want to do full publish.

Aaron, no, not a navigation, but there is another page that has a shared asset component that is pulling the page summary from that page I archived. So what do i need to make the archived page not show and the shared asset not display the summary?

Hello Raëf,

It can depend on how this summary was created.  If archiving the “source” page does not update the summary, you can try a full publish.  If this does not help, can you tell us if the summary is a Page Auto List?  Or, can you send us the URL if you are not sure?


Just did a full publish and the two pages I archived are still showing on the shared asset. What next?

does Remove from site delete the page completely?

the full publish made the summary not linkable, so people are not able to get to the page BUT they can still see the summary. Am i to delete the summary manually from the shared asset?

Hello Raëf,

Yes, it sounds like you are using a Rich Text Widget to manage these links?  If you edit the page and double-click on the area containing the links, and this opens an editor that allows you to select and remove the links, this would be the way to update this page - and then publish the page.

If this is not helpful please let us know.


Yes I did that but I thought that shared asset was pulling directly from the summaries. It seems I was wrong. Anyway, I did manually remove them. Thank you.