How do I hide menu item from main navigation

How do I hide a menu item from the main navigation of my site? I have one section of my navigation I do not want visible. How can I go about hiding from the navigation menu?

Hi Carrie,

Using the Navigation Editor in CM1, you can assign CSS classes to each section that gets displayed in your navigation. If you are looking to hide one of those sections, you can simply assign a class to the section that hides that list item “li”.

Step 1: Go to your style sheet, add a new CSS class:

.hideThis {

Step 2: Go to the Navigation Editor, click on the Preferences Icon of the section you want to hide. Under “Section Preferences” you will see a text field that says “Navigation Class Names:”

You can type the name of the class you just created in your CSS, in that text field and Save. This should hide that list item from your navigation menu.

Hey Kemal, I’ve tried implementing this on our site and cannot seem to get it to work. when I use Firebug to look at the rendered CSS I see the following on the published page.

I’ve added the code to the css page and published.

Any ideas?

Here is a page link. Thanks for any help.

Hi Jerome,

It looks like you were successfully able to add the classes to the li’s. The only part that seems to be missing is the reference of this “hideThis” class in your CSS file. Can you verify that the style sheet that is being utilized on this page actually has the following CSS rule in it?

.hideThis {

If you are unable to access your main CSS, you can paste the following in your Additional Code Area of the page to test:

<style> <br /> .hideThis { <br /> display:none; <br /> } <br /> </style>   


Thanks for the reply. I have tried adding to the CSS and to the page Additional Code areas (both the head and the body separately) and still no luck. Could it be because the hideThis is being tagged onto the end of the class string? Grasping at straws…

li class=“nav-level-2 nav-entry-13 list-position-1 hideThis”

Hey Jerome,

Can you confirm that you cleared your browser’s cache after adding Kemal’s style code to the Additional Code area of the page? If it’s still not working after doing so, would you be able to publish out the page with the update so we can see what might be going wrong? Thanks!

Yep. Cleared cache. The page is published so it should be visible to you.

Thanks for the help guys.

Hi Jerome,

It looks like in your li class-nav level 2 element you have a more specific element that is “display blocking” your display none. Simply declare your hide element as important and it will correct itself!

display: none !important; } ```

Looks like that took care of it! Ben’s a rockstar! thanks everyone for your help.

Team effort. You’re welcome!