How do I modify a blog, change templates, or delete otherwise?

How do I modify a blog, change templates, or delete otherwise?


Good question, have you had a chance to look at our Blogs Page?

After you had a chance to look through the documentation, each blog page/template, should be editable and also be in your site navigational structure. So that being said would give you the ability to do all the things you have asked.

Try building a test blog, and get the feel for it. If you have specific questions after that feel free to reach back out on the community…



I was testing blog capabilities early in the development process. A new template has been created for the blog post. The old template, empty now, won’t let me delete it and gives me an error message of ‘Template ‘newsPost-TO-GO’ cannot be deleted because it is being used by a blog.’ I saw nothing in the link that tells me how to change the blog to the new template with blog post widget or just delete the blog.



Since I can’t personally see what you have configured there. If this is all test data/pages, try deleting the existing blog pages/postings and starting fresh with a new one. 

If you already have lots of information in a series of blogs, or worked out a design in your existing blog post, we can jump on a quick call and take a look at migrating it. From the sounds of things, since you are just testing it, my suggestion above will probably be your fastest way to remedy it.

There was only one post and it was deleted prior to this morning’s post.

Again, I want to delete the old template. I can’t because it’s tied to the blog. What I want to know is how to modify the blog to point to a new template or delete the blog.


It seems that you have a new blog template you are using and want to remove your old one. No problem, each blog post should have created a page in your navigation. Please open that up.

From here you can go and change the template of the page (above). Just be aware when you do change it, it will probably do something like this (below):

Just drag and drop that content, and you should be all set using your new blog template with your old post…

That didn’t work. Dragging the content into the new template, removes the post from the blog.Dragging it back into the old template puts it back into the blog listing.


I reached out offline. By our communication here on the community it is tough for me to grasp what specifically the issue is. If this is something wrong with your instance of Percussion, or something else. Whatever we find out, we can update the community post afterwards.