How do I rename an asset?

When I upload assets with Bulk Upload I’ve noticed that if an asset has the same name as an existing asset, it won’t overwrite it but rather renames it Asset (1).pdf (for example).

This is not my preferred behavior, but I can deal with it. But then I’d want to delete the existing/original asset and rename the secondary one without the “(1)” in the name.

How do I do this?

Hi Laura,
I just tried this, and it appears that the (1) is not tied to the link text or file name directly so there isn’t a place to remove it from the UI. The way I was able to fix this was to re-upload the file, I have included a short screencast for reference:

This issue has been reported to our product management team for review.

Thank you, Jon. The video helped.
This will be more efficient than what I was doing, which was deleting both and just re-uploading.

Great, glad I could help.