How do I render the latest public revision of an item?

I need to be able to render the latest public revision of a content item. For previewing I’m retrieving the content using URLs like:

http:// HOST /Rhythmyx/assembler/render?sys_siteid=395&sys_itemfilter=preview&sys_template=1498&sys_contentid=14478&sys_folderid=9614&sys_context=0&format=web

That is retrieving the latest revision, public or not. I sometimes need to get the latest public revision though. I’ve tried changing the sys_itemfilter parameter to “public”, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any suggestions?


Currently, the data to render the last public revision is not available to the URL.

Why do you need to see the last public revision?



Thanks for letting me know. My project is using an Arbortext Publishing Engine with custom adapters to transform the xml stored as a field in Rhythmyx into the final form (HTML or PDF) as part of the publishing process. In some cases we have chunk content where the parent xml has references to child content items. Our custom adapter is using the url and the commons http client library to retrieve the child content. If that isn’t going to work, can we get the last public revision with the web service?