How do I restore and item to the folder I "remove from folder" from?

I removed an item from a folder using remove from folder. I can find that item using search. How do I restore that item not a copy of that item or a link to that item to the original folder it was in.

Right click on the item > copy and then in the target folder Right click> “Paste as link”. Of course due to the flexibility of the system, your system admin may have removed such functionality so ymmv. (all right click functionality should also be accessible via menu entries…in case you are running FF 8.0.1 on a Mac and thus have right click issues…)

Yes but this only creates a link to the item it doesn’t actually move it back into the folder. I want to move it back into the folder.

For CM System, the general premise behind content in folders is that it is a link

Chapter 5: Working with Site Folders of “Getting Started with Rhythmyx”:

In Rhythmyx, Folders define virtual locations you can use to organize and navigate content. The Content always exists in the Repository, not in the Folders. The Folders merely contain pointers to the physical Content Items stored in the Repository.

If you had that item in another folder, then a “move” action would “remove from folder” in the original folder and “paste as link” in the new folder.

In CM1, I believe there are triggers in place that enforce having an item only in one folder…(aka “Paste as link” is disabled)