HOw do removals on scheduled publishes work?


I had an event page set to auto remove this morning and it didn’t. When I went to check the schedule it looked like didn’t have a removal date. So now I have put one in, for 9:20 this morning.

If someone assigns a removal date, will cm1 take down the page even if a site publish is not done? Does the removal work live on a page by pages basis, or is it still linked to when the next site publish is run, then it removes it?

I also tried a removal under the page publishing options. It doesn’t appear to affect the live site. So is that option also based on a site publish as well?

I need to pull this thing down into archive mode.

When an item is scheduled for unpublish, the publishing server “wakes up” approximately every 10 minutes to check to see if there is an item scheduled for unpublish.  If there is an item scheduled, it will be unpublished at that time. It is just like doing a single-page publishing action.