How do we require people entering content to add specific meta tags in the htmlhead?

In CM System we would accomplish this by adding a field to the content type that is required then having a meta tag with a set name and that field for the content attribute in the template.

For example, the content type might have a field “dc_publisher” and the template would have:

How do we accomplish this in CM1?

In CM1, admins can’t make it as required but their content contributors can add the meta tags in additional head content text area of page Meta-data.

Are there any plans to make fields ‘required’ vs ‘optional’ in upcoming releases? Maybe some simple config for the IT group/developers?

That would be great if it could be added. The ability to require some metadata is very important for our site content owners.

We do have plans in 2012 to enable “metadata widgets” that would let you control this. That is, you would go to the template and add a widget into a special metadata area so that some new metadata fields or section would appear in the metadata dialog (or equivalent) on all pages that used that template. Then if you used the widget configuration to make your values required (possible for many widgets) you’d have what you need.

Of course, we’ve found it better to auto-generate values and/or audit remind folks rather than making fields “required” (for an example, see how to generate Page Title and audit it in the SEO Gadget). Required fields really drive down end user adoption. People try to save, often when they are not done, and they get frustrated by dialogs that force them to add more just to keep going. Our view is that “incomplete content” is still better than “content being emailed to someone else to enter.” Workflow can also be used to make sure nothing incomplete gets out to the live site.

One model we are very fond of, is the “nudge” approach used in places like LinkedIn. We plan to let you put in reminder type features like “this page would be even better if you added a …” It’s all about encouraging participation.

The would be great to have that widget to add in values for Webtrends tags etc.

For something like WebTrends tags, you can usually put them into the html head element on the template so that they are there automatically for all pages created with that template. Go to the metadata dialog at the template level to do this. You can put tags into the HTML Head, After Body Open and Before Body Close.

Another approach is to create HTML Assets with the WT tags in them and then drop them into the template into an HTML Widget. Content assets placed into widgets at the template level will be automatically placed into all pages that use that template.

Then if you need to make a global change to your WT tags, you just edit one asset (or one metadata dialog on the template) and all pages get the new tags as soon as you republish them.