How do you use the My Pages star icon?

HI someone in sales told me about the My pages star icon on cm1 where you can set it so certain people log in they see their section of page right off the bat rather then having to navigate through the whole site.

How do you use this thing?


Great question…

When viewing pages in Editor view, you have the ability to bookmark page by adding them to “My Pages”. To do this, click on the star icon to the far right of the Content, Layout, and Style tabs. You can remove a bookmark by clicking the star on any page that has been bookmarked. Any page that has been “starred” will appear in My Pages in the Finder.

Ok great thanks. Kinda cool =) That only thing that is not so great is all the pages are listed as index and you have to click them and then look at the top bar to see what page is what.

This would be really great if you could do My Folders and have it be a quick way to access the folder that you are responsible for. Also the folders are usually named a bit more descriptively =)

Thanks for showing me =)


That’s a great idea! I would suggest, you create this as a feature request… Either using the folder approach, or possibly if the my pages functionality could list the page name, instead of the “index” name it uses… Either way great idea.