How does rxs_AutoSiteItemFilter work?


I’d like to create a custom content list that returns a list of items specific to a site. As the content types are used on multiple sites the content list is currently returning all items. Looking at the name of this exit it would appear to do what I want but nothing happens.

This is the results of the trace:

05/13 03:25:09.014 Exit Processing
Processing exit (IPSResultDocumentProcessor) rxs_AutoSiteItemFilter with
Param[1] = …/rx_supportSiteFolderContentList/lookupSiteFolderRoot.xml

05/13 03:25:09.030 Exit Execution
Current Site Id = 304

05/13 03:25:09.030 Exit Execution
Parent’s Folder Path = //Sites/vam

05/13 03:25:09.030 Exit Execution
returning empty list

And still all items are returned. Is it possible to do this?

Currently using Rhythmyx 5.7



I’m not familiar with this exit, but the JavaDoc for 5.7 says:

Document com.percussion.fastforward.sfp.PSAutoSiteItemFilter.processResultDocument(Object params, IPSRequestContext request, Document resultDoc) throws PSParameterMismatchException, PSExtensionProcessingException
Implements the interface method. Modifies the result document to filter out items that are not in the site with specified siteid. The request context must have the HTML parameter siteid specified.

params Array must have one non null and non-empty parameter specifying the site folder lookup url.
request request context object must not be null.
resultDoc if null returned as it is.
Document result document filtered for the items that are not in the site specified, null only if the original document is null.

It appears from a quick look at the source that it is designed to filter Slots, not Content Lists.


I’ve managed to create a custom content list specific to a site by copying the rx_support_pub/folder_clist and creating my own contentResourceName query.