How to access rotating images on home page

A custom widget was built on our home page that features rotating pictures - it’s locked in CM1. How can we get access in order to switch out the rotating images to keep them current?

Hi Alicia,

If a widget appears to be locked, that typically means that the widget’s content is housed on the Template level. If you have admin privileges, you can access and edit the template’s content through the Design section of CM1, or, when the page is open for editing, hover over Actions and select Edit Template.

If you don’t have admin privileges, you will need to ask an admin user to either make the required changes, or copy out and remove the sliding banner content from the template level and paste it into the widget on the page level. Doing so will enable non-admin users to edit this content.

Thanks Nathaniel. Once I get into the template I see a few options -

  1. Configure Widget
  2. Convert to Rich Text Widget
  3. Remove Widget

Which option do we choose to switch out the images (obviously not the Remove option).

Hi Alicia,

Unlike pages, templates default to the Layout tab for editing, which is geared towards configuring widgets and regions, rather than editing content. To edit the contents of this widget, toggle over to the Content tab.