How to Configure Windows Authentication and Single-Sign-On (SSO) for MS SQL Server

Using Windows Authentication, the Rhythmyx server will be able to connect to Microsoft SQL Server by means of the NTLM protocol. That is, Rhythmyx using the JDBC Driver passes a valid Windows-Domain-Name, a Windows User and Windows Password; the JDBC driver will submit these to Microsoft SQL Server via NTLM protocol in order to gain access to the database.

Using Windows Single-Sign-On (SSO), Rhythmyx will be able to connect to Microsoft SQL Server without providing credentials. It would dynamically read the current user’s credentials and connect to the database, provided that the Windows account has enough rights in the database. This is done using a native (Windows-only) library, ntlmauth.dll.

For 7.0.3 and above, if you are running on a 64-bit server, and use the JRE 64- bit, you will need the 64-bit native library, ntlmauth.dll.
Extract it from the attached file into the {installation root}\JRE64\bin\ directory. (17.3 KB)

Verify in your RhythmyxServer.lax file that you are actually loading the 64-bit JRE:



the VM to use for the next launch…\Rhythmyx\JRE64\bin\java.exe