How to Implement Technical Support Views for CM System 7.0.3

Files Included in the attached ZIP Archive

  1. Rx_6.7_How_to_Implement_Technical_Support_Views.pd f
  2. CREATE-ts_cxViews_MSSQL2000.sql
  3. CREATE-ts_cxViews_MSSQL2005+.sql
  4. CREATE-ts_cxViews_ORACLE.sql
  5. CREATE-ts_cxViews_MYSQL.sql
  6. TechnicalSupportViews.ppkg
  7. TechnicalSupportViewsReport.xltx (1.04 MB)

Will this be updated for version 7.1? version 7.2? We’re currently running 7.1 and the package won’t install due to the version mismatch. We were able to run the SQL to create the views in the DB, but it doesn’t help the business users without the Content Explorer views.

We have some internal notes with the detailed steps we use to create custom views in Percussion that may help you. Please see attachment. This may or may not work exactly the same in your environment.