How to password protect a page

Is the only way to password protect a page through the navigation section? If so, this would be nice to be able to do through editing a page. I have some areas that I don’t need in the navigation but need to have the login page.

Hi Matt,

As of right now the only way to password protect a page is through a navigation section. This is a good idea you should submit it as one.

For now if is there an issue why you would prefer the password protection be on a folder instead of a navigation section?

We have people that have bios on their pages but the Editor did not want them to have rights to the web pages.

What I did was create an Asset Contributor form, and gave them a folder within the sites Assets. In this folder, I would set up a rich text widget and folders for their images and documents.

Then I’d create a page for them within the website (section) and snap in the rich text widget.

I have not yet created a workflow specifically for this so that when they hit submit the Editor can approve it - so far the Editors are fine with the approvals going directly to me. But the request to only have the person editing content for one page - is met with this work around.

Was this what you were trying to do?

(I have 1 Editor per site and 1 or more Contributors so this is why I used the term Asset Contributor - sometimes we have someone coding items for a person but they also don’t want them in their actual web pages).

I’m trying to password protect a public facing page(s). I have a director of a department that want’s these pages accessible only to faculty/staff through a login page. I assumed I could create a login page with the login widget and then set a page to call the login page to authenticate and then show it to the person.