How to publish (Full, incremental, on Demand) site to clustered web servers

Please let me know if there is way we can publish site to clustered web servers (Two Web servers)

Hi Hari,

What type of OS are you running.

In my setup we have two Windows servers running IIS.  I publish to one server and then have a task on the server setup to mirror everything to the second server.

Thank  you Matt. The web servers(Apache) are running on Linux

You could most likely setup an rsync to keep both servers up to date.

I don’t work with Linux on a daily basis so I’m not 100% sure but I’m sure one of the Percussion guys will hop in here soon and give you more details.

Hello Hari,

Matt is correct - rsync is the usual choice for syncing the document root for your site. 

The second consideration is the DTS service.  Is your DTS installed on your web server? If so, and you want DTS on both web servers, you can also point CM1 to publish to the primary DTS/Web server, and configure both DTS services to use the same database.


One other alternative with Linux which may be simpler, would be to use a shared SAN or NFS mount point that all web servers in the cluster use as the web root.  In that setup when the content is published it will show up automatically at all nodes in the cluster. 


Thank you all. We are able to publish to cluster web server by creating a second publishing server and it does work fine with full publish except we don’t have an option for incremental publish for the 2nd server.

We are working with Chris for the same to achieve this with Percussion suite.  Please vote for this idea