How to retrive translation and active assembly relationship for a given item via soap

We currently need to retrieve the following information for a given item, with contentid = id :

  1. item fields
  2. item in slot called icrcSlotMainImage
  3. All translated items from that given item ( i.e same results as when doing impact-analysis for translation relationship)

For 1 : we are doing a loaditems request to the endpoint http://servername:9992/Rhythmyx/webservices/contentSOAP and passing the contentid in the soap request below :

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“” xmlns:com=“” xmlns:con=“”><br/><soapenv:Header><br/><com:PSAuthenticationHeader><br/><com:Session>467ee1fef62ab93690edf7a00c0978fac19eaa00</com:Session><br/></com:PSAuthenticationHeader><br/></soapenv:Header><br/><soapenv:Body><br/><con:LoadItemsRequest><br/><!–1 or more repetitions:–><br/><con:Id>id</con:Id><br/><!–Optional:–><br/><con:IncludeBinary>true</con:IncludeBinary><br/><!–Optional:–><br/><con:AttachBinaries>false</con:AttachBinaries><br/><!–Optional:–><br/><con:IncludeChildren>true</con:IncludeChildren><br/><!–Zero or more repetitions:–><br/><br/><!–Optional:–><br/><con:IncludeRelated>true</con:IncludeRelated><br/><!–Zero or more repetitions:–><br/><br/><!–Optional:–><br/><con:IncludeFolderPath>true</con:IncludeFolderPath><br/></con:LoadItemsRequest><br/></soapenv:Body><br/></soapenv:Envelope>

Would any body know the endpoints to call and the corresponding soap envelopes to send for getting the information in points 2 and 3 above ?

I believe the endpoint LoadRelationships at http://servername:9992/Rhythmyx/webservices/systemSOAP

or LoadContentRelations at http://servername:9992/Rhythmyx/webservices/contentSOAP could be useful to get these information

The call to get the relatuionships for translation was finally :<br/><br/><soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“” xmlns:com=“” xmlns:sys=“”><br/> <soapenv:Header><br/> <com:PSAuthenticationHeader><br/> <com:Session>eb21dbfeb499c5261df13d6e1e02aca26ea34fee</com:Session><br/> </com:PSAuthenticationHeader><br/> </soapenv:Header><br/> <soapenv:Body><br/> <sys:LoadRelationshipsRequest><br/> <!–Optional:–><br/> <sys:PSRelationshipFilter enableCommunityFilter=“false” limitToOwnerRevisions=“true” limitToEditOrCurrentOwnerRevision=“true”><br/> <br/> <com:Owner>14389</com:Owner><br/> <br/><sys:Category>translation</sys:Category><br/> <br/> </sys:PSRelationshipFilter><br/> </sys:LoadRelationshipsRequest><br/> </soapenv:Body><br/></soapenv:Envelope><br/><br/><br/><br/>The response is :<br/><soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“” xmlns:xsd=“” xmlns:xsi=“”><br/> <soapenv:Body><br/> <LoadRelationshipsResponse xmlns=“”><br/> <PSRelationship dependentId="-665719897929" id=“81605510289” ownerId=“4831838222389” persisted=“true” type=“Translation”><br/> <ns1:Properties xmlns:ns1=“”/><br/> </PSRelationship><br/> <PSRelationship dependentId="-665719852852" id=“81605510292” ownerId=“4831838222389” persisted=“true” type=“Translation”><br/> <ns2:Properties xmlns:ns2=“”/><br/> </PSRelationship><br/> <PSRelationship dependentId="-665719815870" id=“81605510293” ownerId=“4831838222389” persisted=“true” type=“Translation”><br/> <ns3:Properties xmlns:ns3=“”/><br/> </PSRelationship><br/> <PSRelationship dependentId="-665719780729" id=“81605510294” ownerId=“4831838222389” persisted=“true” type=“Translation”><br/> <ns4:Properties xmlns:ns4=“”/><br/> </PSRelationship><br/> <PSRelationship dependentId="-665719747601" id=“81605510295” ownerId=“4831838222389” persisted=“true” type=“Translation”><br/> <ns5:Properties xmlns:ns5=“”/><br/> </PSRelationship><br/> </LoadRelationshipsResponse><br/> </soapenv:Body><br/></soapenv:Envelope><br/><br/>Now the question is, from the response received, having the dependentids , what is the next call to make to get the individual contentitems that are refered by the dependid’s ?<br/><br/>Regards<br/>Kiran

Following the content WSDL file, I would do a LoadItemRequest on the content ids. Not sure how you are coding the soap messages, but I would suggest using a framework of your choice that can generate classes / methods from a wsdl file… would make life a bit easier I think.

The stubs generated by the framework would only be useful to make the requests, but not to convert the results into objects like in the sample java application provided with the webservices.

I believe therefore that for php, there is no support really for using the web services.

Theree appears to be no further soap calls to make to get the id’s of the items translated from item id 14389, despite all the translation relationships sent by the soap response.

the loaditems request loads only a given item and its slots, but not relationships .

Correct me if am wrong !


I’m using PHP to make some webservice calls and using classes is quite easy. I believe that rileyw at some point created classes for use with webservices (Try: While I didn’t use what he had done for my stuff, I’m sure they are pretty much all the same. (ie. the resulting soap message should become a php object).

Sorry I did not address your translation problem specifically. I figured that once you had dependent ids, those were the content ids for the dependents, not a relationship id…I have not worked with translations so I will defer to someone else in the forums more versed in that area.

Isn’t this url working… ?